Casino Games


When playing casino games its crucial to keep an important point in mind: the games are designed to take your money. Yes, they’re flashy, interesting and intriguing but you do know that “snakes will bite.” Occasionally you may come out a winner or break even, but over time you will experience some losses. The best casino game that your probability of winning is based on your skill and wit is online poker. Inadvertently, Poker permits you to “control your destiny” because you’re playing against other players, not the house.

Random number generators monitor all online casino games. RNG’s play an important part in keeping online gambling fair. To the player’s advantage most online casinos software is created and managed by third party establishments that guarantee the casino won’t “flip-the-switch” and change the odds to their favor. Not that they really have to. The odds are already to their advantage.

casino games supply a predictable long-term advantage to the online casino, while offering the player the probability of a large short-term payout. A few casino games have a proficiency component. Whereas it is possible by skillful maneuvers to minimize the house advantage, it is exceedingly rare that a gambler has enough skill to obliterate the house-edge in a casino game. An acquired skill of such magnitude would involve Einstein, Newton and Freud reincarnated as some brilliant soul baffling the casinos and experts. All three geniuses together would have the years of training to possibly turn the Roulette wheel off its axis, maybe.

Most online casinos today feature large collections of games and those powered by software such as Microgaming have over 300 games to choose from. Every software provider Playtech, Microgaming or Cryptologic offers games that are extraordinary and designed to entertain. Online casinos can brag about the many games they have, but according to figures only nine games are the winners. They are slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, poker-variations, PaiGow, Sic Bo and keno. You’ll find slot games dressed up with names such as Ruby of The Nile, Soccer Safari and Vampire Vixen. And blackjack games with posh titles such as Gold Series High Streak, WG Classic and VT Vegas Strip. It’s like a "pig wearing a pretty dress." It’s still a pig. Albeit a dressed-up one.

Most casino games can be found at casino websites such as Casino Club, Casino King and Betfair Casino.

Of course before playing at any online casino it's good to read casino reviews and decide carefully where to play. Should you decide to play at Party Casino, check the party casino bonus code for a good bonus.