Blackjack Game


Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games. online casino software suppliers are consistently adding something new to the standard rules of the blackjack game, such as side bets, specific game rules and consequently progressive blackjack. Blackjack requires some skill and adequate memory. Using the correct strategy is necessary to become a winning player and stretching your advantage against the house’s edge. The basic blackjack game strategy works in all online blackjack games.

Using the correct blackjack approach is important in today’s blackjack games to increase the player’s chances of becoming a multi-winner. The dealer is the last to take action in the game. This rule permit’s the dealer to observe all the other players at the table and increase the chances that the player will go bust or go beyond 21 before it’s the dealer’s turn. In a typical casino blackjack game with six decks, the house gain is about eight-percent over the player. Put in layman’s terms: the house has the advantage 58% of the time with the player winning 42% of the time, an apparent disadvantage. If the player applies the correct strategy they can increase their chances for winning by 0.5% striking the house advantage down to 50.5%. A player may be confused and wonder “why bother to play if the odds are obviously not in their favor?” The answer is “runs”. Runs is where a player goes on a nonstop winning streak. Don’t forget that the percentages are odds over millions of plays. Therefore it is possible to win one complete session.

Blackjack game rules and terminology:

Hit-when the player wants another card
Stand-the player keeps the hand they have
Bust-is when the player or the dealer hand goes over 21
Double-Down-this permit’s the player to double their bet in a swap for one card
Split-when a player has two of the same cards
Surrender-a player can surrender their hand if they think they will lose
Insurance-if the dealer shows an ace, the player gets the option to buy insurance in hopes the dealer has blackjack.
Stand On 17-means the dealer cannot take anymore cards once they have reached 17.
Player Blackjacks-player gets paid 1 ½ times their bet.
Dealer Blackjacks-if the dealer shows an ace he must give the players a choice for insurance.

A few online casinos with blackjack games:
Party Casino, Betsson Casino and Casino Euro

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